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Clinical Counseling with Tselane

Dr. Tselane

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Woo! Hoo! Welcome to Clinical Counseling with Tselane, where we offer Healing Hearts Christian Sound Bath Therapy, Women's Life Coaching, and Motivational Speaking.


Discover the transformative power of sacred sounds that harmonize your mind, body, and spirit, bringing deep relaxation and spiritual renewal. Dr. Tselane will create a nurturing space where you can release stress, find inner peace, and experience profound healing.


In addition, our women's life coaching services offer personalized guidance, empowering you to unlock your full potential, navigate life's challenges, and embrace a purposeful and fulfilling life. Step into a journey of self-discovery, restoration, and empowerment to improve your quality of life.

"Embrace self-care, ignite self-love - nurture the most important
relationship you'll ever have: the one with YOURSELF."
Dr. Tselane

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